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HL | The Final Crystal

Heroine Legends

Released: Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Malek wants the final crystal and Nightshadow knows its location. Will Malek be able to break Nightshadow?

Run Time: 11min, 54sec

HD: 436 MB @ 5,000 kbps. 1280x720p.
SD: 181 MB @ 2,000 kbps. 720x480p.

In this Collection: 150 Photos

**Taken on set as a separate Photoshoot to accompany the release of this film. Each photo is lightly retouched & watermarked. Situations depicted in the Photos do not necessarily represent content in the film.


What you can expect to see:

Belly Hit with Stick • Power Struggle • Headbutt • Electrocution by Stick • Knee to the Stomach • Back Punches • Knee to the Face • Kick to the Stomach • Kicks to the Face • Choke • Face Punch • Full Nelson Hold • Knees to the Side • Crawling • Stomping • Power Punch to Stomach • Foot Choke as Throat Stomp KO • Bare Legs




After body stomping Nightshadow, Malek finishes her off by choking her out by stepping on her throat. After she passes out, Malek drags her off.

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