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Heroine Legends

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Released: July 10, 2012


When Tina goes missing, Jenna goes searching for her friend at her last known location, only to be stopped by Amoeba & Larken. Nightshadow turns up to try and help. Will the two heroines be a match for the men?

Run Time: 26min, 11sec

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What you can expect to see:

Belly Punching • Costume Transformation • Arms Over Head • Riding • Head Crush Fatality • Hair Pulling • Group Fight • Low Blows [M/F, F/M] • Wrestling • Neck Snap • Butt Slap • Bear Hug • Chokeout KO • Fishnets • Bare Legs




Amoeba smashes Celestia's head with a palm strike after Nightshadow leaves the scene when she believes they knocked him out.