C | Breaking the Bond [Part 3]


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RELEASE DATE: June, 16th, 2014

Tsuki finds a note to come find her sister, but instead, Kuma is waiting for her...

Run Time: 20min, 50sec

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SD: 312 MB @ 2,000 kbps. 720x480p.


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What you can expect to see:

Bear Hug • Wall Slams • Belly Punching • Throat Lift • Chokes • Stomping • Rag-Dolling • Arm Bar • Backbreaker •  Camel Clutch • Partial Costume Removal • Crawling • Face Punches • Hair Pulling • Bear Hug KO • Wake-Up • Low Blow • Taunting • Uppercut • Wrestling • Over the Shoulder Carry-Off




Kuma sends Tsuki flying across the room into a wall with a super punch, breaking her back and knocking her out. Kuma then carries her off over her shoulder.