D | Training Ground


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RELEASE DATE: Monday, April 27, 2015

Axiom is put into training and thinks she can handle herself... but what about when it becomes 2 against 1...?

Run Time: 20min, 05sec

HD: 735 MB @ 5,000 kbps. 1280x720p.
SD: 309 MB @ 2,000 kbps. 720x480p.

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**Taken on set as a separate Photoshoot to accompany the release of this film. Each photo is lightly retouched & watermarked. Situations depicted in the Photos do not necessarily represent content in the film.


What you can expect to see:

Belly Punching • Low Blow • Nunchucks • Sword • Staff • Crawling • Mounting • Choke with Staff • Body Kicks • Pyrokinesis • Fireballs • Chokes • Invulnerability • Bear Hug • 2 on 1 Fight • Mallet to the Face KO




Together, Pyra and Hel beat down Axiom and Hel finishes her off with a Mallet to the head. They laugh and walk off.