HL | A Hunter's Quarrel

Heroine Legends

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RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Onyx is on a mission to destroy a few Heroines… but Amoeba is already set to do it himself. When they can't decide who goes in first, they get into it with each other. And only one of them will walk away.

Run Time: 10min, 05sec

HD: 614 MB @ 5,000 kbps. 1280x720p.
SD: 254 MB @ 2,000 kbps. 720x480p.

In this Collection: 132 Photos

**taken on set as a separate Photoshoot to accompany the release of this film. Each photo is lightly retouched & watermarked. Situations depicted in the Photos do not necessarily represent content in the film.


What you can expect to see:

Bear Hug • Clothesline • Belly Punches • Face Punches • Face Slaps • Body Stretching • Handstand Grab • Knife Disarming • Choking • Head Smashing • Backbreaker over Knee • KO Fatality by Head Kick




After an intense back and forth between the two, Amoeba gets the upper hand and puts Onyx in a comprising position where he snaps her neck from punting it on the ground... and walks off.