HL | An Unlikely Romance

Heroine Legends

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Released: Sunday, June 29, 2014


Orchid comes to Valentine for something, but when he says no, she's in for a surprise of what he really wants...

Run Time: 25min, 01sec

HD: 915 MB @ 5,000 kbps. 1280x720p.
SD: 381 MB @ 2,000 kbps. 720x480p.

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**Taken on set as a separate Photoshoot to accompany the release of this film. Each photo is lightly retouched & watermarked. Situations depicted in the Photos do not necessarily represent content in the film.


What you can expect to see:

Pantyhose • Surf Board • Wrestling • Arm Bar • Low Blows [M/F, F/M] • Belly Punching • Stomach Kicks • Pressure Points • Chokes • Arm Bars • Abdominal Stretch • Body Tracing • Crawling • Headbutt • Face Punch • Kick to the Face • Mounting [M/F] • Dragging • Partial Costume Removal • Exhaustion KO




After a brutal fight, Valentine beats Orchid and has her captive. He walks away, leaving her disgraced on the floor as she passes out.