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Released: Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Celestia uses her stripper identity to try to get information from mob boss Tony. However, once she is on the brink of receiving the information, Onyx steps in a ensures she doesn't get it.

Run Time: 21min, 07sec

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**Instead of a Photo Set for this release, we are offering the Behind-the-Scenes Video which includes the making-of for the entire Cyrus Saga! Run Time: 55min, 41sec

What you can expect to see:

Water Fight • Belly Punches • Stripper Scene • Butt Slap • Craddle Carry • Chokes • Drowning • Face Punches • Choke KO • Barefoot Fighting • Debooting • Bearhug • Gassing KO • Bare Legs




After Celestia's identity is compromised by Onyx's appearance, she and Onyx have a pretty evenly matched water fight in the pool. Celestia is knocked out and cradle carried to the edge of the pool where a gas gadget is thrown and knocks out Onyx who falls unconscious on top of Celestia.