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Heroine Legends

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Released: Friday, March 8, 2013


Cerberus uses his magic to swap Allura with Evil Allura in time which may cause an issue for the Heroines. Vega is told to subdue Celestia, but when she refuses, she is 'persuaded' by a powerful Evil Allura to change her mind. In the meantime, Aurora falls for a typical Valentine trick and becomes the first of many Trophy Heroines for his collection.

Run Time: 21min, 22sec

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SD: 341 MB @ 2,000 kbps. 720x480p.

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What you can expect to see:

Multiple Low Blows • Hyperyite Weakening • Water Torture • Tied to Chair • Partial Nudity • Undressing • Face Slaps • Face Punches • Body Stretching • Back Breakers • Punch KO • Water Electrocution • Magic • Chokes • Wall Slams • Neck Snap KO • Cradle Carry • Over the Shoulder Carry • Fishnets • Bare Legs




Evil Allura has gher granddaughter, Vega, in her grasp and tortures her with Hyperyite and water. She eventually knocks her unconscious with punches and then again with electrocution. Valentine captures Aurora by snapping her neck and carrying her off over his shoulder.