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Heroine Legends

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Released: Friday, February 22, 2013


Behind every Villainess is a Heroine that made her that way… Allura used to be one of The Agency's top operatives until everything was taken away from her by a fellow Heroine-- making her question whether being a Heroine is really what she wants.

Run Time: 29min, 57sec

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What you can expect to see:

Multiple Low Blows [M/F, F/F] • Stomach Punches • KO by Chloroform • Over the Shoulder Carry Off • Whipping • Arms Over Head Chain Restraint • Face Punches • Power Struggle • Humiliation • KO by Neck Snap [F/M] • Reverse Bearhug [M/F] • Telekinesis • KO by Choke Out • Cradle Carry • KO by Hyperyite Asphyxiation • Hyperyite Weakening • Bare Legs • Fishnets




Allura battles against mobsters, getting a beat-down in AOH when Eagle comes to her aid and saves her. Evil Allura snaps Halo's neck at the end of their fight. After Vega fights Valentine, he knocks her out with Hyperyite and throws her from the second story banister, leaving her unconscious on the floor. He then walks up to Evil Allura and shakes her hand, infecting her with Hyperyite as well, knocking her out as well.