HL | Return of the Black Queen [2]

Heroine Legends

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Released: Wednesday, October 23, 2012


Simon is convinced that he can break the spell that possesses his girlfriend, Sara Thorne. Unfortunately, he will have to experience the sentence of servitude to be able to try and get through to her...

Run Time: 27min, 28sec

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What you can expect to see:

Soul Sucking • Foot on Face • Foot Massages • Boot Removal • Foot Worship • Boot Licking • Choking • Scorpion Kicks • Boot in Mouth • Body Stomp • Face Stomp • Whipping • Pantyhose • Bare Legs




The Black Queen takes over Thorne's body with the help of Cerberus. She then goes after Vortex and sucks his soul out by her foot, making him obedient to her. She then rips out his heart and stomps on it, leaving him squirming in the dirt as she walks off.