HL | The Demon Within [1]

Heroine Legends

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Released: Sunday, January 6, 2013


Vega has returned to Earth after a long absence-- but following her with her own initiatives is Allura. Everywhere she turns, Vega will run into another issue all while she attempts to hide her identity from the general public as well as those who are after her.

Run Time: 27min, 45sec

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What you can expect to see:

Partial Nudity • Choking • KO by Choke • Belly Punches • Face Punches • Chloroform KO • Fatality by Eye Laser • Body Stretching • OTS Carry Off • Bear Hug • Power Struggle • Mind Control • Skirt Lift • Hyperyite Weakening • Bare Legs




When Evil Allura sends Dragos after Vega, they go blow for blow in an intense fight in which Dragos almost has Vega defeated. He then says something that angers Vega and she eye lasers him and kills him by explosion by accident.