HL | 1.4 Unintentional

Heroine Legends

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Released: Saturday, April 14, 2012


Bridgette Banks is enjoying a day out with her boyfriend. An Aura that seemingly targets her, triggers powers she doesn't know how to control. After these powers cause her to unintentionally kill her boyfriend, she tries to escape desolation, only to be confronted by others who are unusually obsessed with her belated boyfriend-- why are they so enthralled?

Run Time: 26min, 00sec

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SD: 415 MB @ 2,000 kbps. 720x480p.

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What you can expect to see:

Chokes • Choke by Whip • Face Punches • Face Slap • Belly Punching • Cat Fight • Bear Hug • KO Stomp • Whipping • Pantyhose Destruction / Ripping • Torture • Freezing KO • Bare Legs




After Tempest accidentally kills her boyfriend, she is attacked by many groups. In the end, Moxley comes up to Tempest, witnessing what she did and told her to leave and never come back...