SG | Welcome to Earth [Part 1]


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Shadowgirl arrives to Earth unexpected in the midst of a war on her planet…Patty finds Le'ilah after her arrival to Earth and takes her under her wing as she tracks down Twistee who is capturing and killing activist leaders. Will Le'ilah keep her identity secret or save her friend and expose her true self in doing so?

Run Time: 38min, 11sec

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What you can expect to see:

Throat Lift • Choking • Belly Punching • Face Punching • Face Slaps • Mind Crunching • Crawling • Chest Pain • Belly Pain • Groin Pain • Choke-Out KO • Wake-up scene • Fear • Throat Slit Fatality • Bondage • Gag • Body Tracing • Breast Grabbing • Breast Punching • Skirt Lifting • Groping • Uppercut KO • Butt Slaps • Blouse Unbottoning • Reverse Bear Hug • Upskirt View • Gas KO • Multiple Over the Shoulder Carries • Fishnets • Bare Legs • Pantyhose




After a fight, the Goons knock-out Patty with an uppercut to the face and square up against Shadowgirl. They humiliate Shadowgirl, unbutton her blouse and render her unconscious through gas from their mouth. They carry both girls over their shoulders and away.