SVE | 11. Seeking Revenge

Super vs Evil

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Released: Monday, June 30, 2014


Talon has a bone to pick with the Girls of Steele for putting the Amulet on her and possessing her, but she may be blaming the wrong group...

Run Time: 18min, 37sec

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**Taken on set as a separate Photoshoot to accompany the release of this film. Each photo is lightly retouched & watermarked. Situations depicted in the Photos do not necessarily represent content in the film.

What you can expect to see:

Pantyhose • Bare Legs • Chokes • Low Blow • Eye Laser KO • Bracer Attack • Mind Control • Cold Breath KO • Bear Hug • Belly Punching • Crawling • Face Punch • Face Slaps • Grinding • Hair • Stomping • Head Slam • Mounting • Power Struggles • Side Punching • Super Breath • Throat Lift • Uppercut • Super Speed • Wake-Up • Knee to the Head • Knee to the Stomach • Breast Hits • Headbutt




Talon gets knocked out by Firestar's eye lasers and Skyhawk attacks to stop her. She is able to put the amulet on Firestar before passing out herself from exhaustion. Firestar stands over them under mind control.